Jayne M. Rose-Vallee
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Dinosaurs Living in My Hair visits Basis Independent Brooklyn for the third time. Since our first visit in 2017, we’ve seen many changes, but we’ve also noticed many things have stayed the same. Some obvious changes are:

One might think this is a negative. It’s not. The community atmosphere and collaborative learning approach hasn’t changed at all. There is still the hum of learning going on. The hum is simply loader. 

Things which have stayed the same include:



One of the reasons I love this school is because it feels comfortable. Students and faculty are dedicated to learning and they do so with smiling faces and a friendly attitude. The fact it runs as effectively with increased numbers tells me the model which originally built BASIS school was done very well. It didn’t break when it grew. When Olga Block couldn’t find a school in the United States which compared to her education in Eastern Europe, she and her husband opened their first school in Tucson, Arizona in 1998. 


Doris Velez, picture above with me, was my helper all day! Doris Velez and Luz de Armas have worked together to adapt the DLIMH!2 book into Spanish. Soon it will be available for purchase in the Spanish adaptation thanks to their hard work. It’s not easy to do this with rhymes — but I think everyone will be very happy with the results!

The photo above is the new playground. Although temperatures were freezing! The students didn’t seem to mind. It was another great day in Red Hook. I love visiting this school. Many thanks to Stella Moon and all the other teachers who made our visit memorable. The students were incredible as usual and we loved spending the day with them!