Jayne M. Rose-Vallee
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This was not simply another school reading. I went to this school, Kindergarten through 3rd. I lived on Purdy Street a few houses down. This was a coming home, a going back, a full circle kind-of-trip!    

Gwen Bartzen, Purdy’s Librarian was a tremendous help in setting up the reading and organizing details. Principal Jane Haudek, first one out of her chair when we walked in to the front office to sign in, was present during much of our visit. There are many times when I don’t meet the principal of a school where I’m reading at. I could spend hours there and still not set eyes on them. The schools where the principal makes it a point to meet me and is “present” in the building, transfers down to the students. They can tell their leader is “hands on” and it matters to them. People want their leaders to be around; paying attention. Purdy School is fortunate to have this going for them full throttle. Pictured below is Gwen Bartzen, Librarian.



This is the house I lived in for the first nine years of my life. We had a pony in the backyard in a very small barn. Everything seemed large when I was younger. When I saw it this week it seemed so much smaller than I remembered. Still the same, only smaller. 

This student wore dinosaurs in her hair the day after we visited. It was Wacky Wednesday and she came representing Dinosaurs Living in My Hair! We couldn’t be more pleased!