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As an extension of Dinosaurs Living In My Hair!3: An Underwater Adventure, this virtual learning experience dives deeper on important topics discussed in the book. From vocabulary to important facts on how to preserve coral reefs and their ecosystems, the underwater adventure doesn’t end on the final page.

As an important resource for DLIMH!3, The Ocean Agency works to inform and address the most urgent ocean issues in original and unexpected ways. Scroll to find out more about what lives below the waves!

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DLIMH!3 Vocabulary

Scroll through each card above to learn about some of the key vocabulary words in Dinosaurs Living In My Hair!3. For the full list, see below.

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Coral Reefs

Simply put, a coral reef is a bar of rock, sand, coral, or other material lying beneath the surface of the water. But that’s just the beginning.

Coral Reefs are made up of tiny coral “polyps” that branch out and connect to each other. These polyps secrete calcium carbonate (limestone) which build these “rock-like substances.” Tiny polyps live inside the coral structures. When these tiny coral skeletons fuse (bind) together this ultimately creates the coral reefs.

Learn more about coral reefs and non-profits helping with their preservation at the link below.

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