Jayne M. Rose-Vallee
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Be a Dandelion!

“How many dandelions does it take to cover your entire lawn? Only one, given a little time.”

Laura Thomas writes an article dated 7/13/2018 for Edutopia where she makes the correlation between dandelions and teachers. She advocates teachers stay stubborn in their efforts to reach students and move their learning in directions they are not comfortable in. 

“Be beautiful but don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Don’t be afraid to stand out boldly and proclaim your presence when the going gets rough.

“Feed something.”

Dandelions are birds first go-to meal in the springtime. “In addition to feeding minds, teachers feed hearts and souls.”

“Create something new out of every ending.” Dandelions lose their bloom and their seeds blow away. A new bloom begins again. “Teaching is about cycles.”

“Give yourself permission to change your mind about everything. Let an idea, a belief, a certainty¬†die in the face of new learning, and then let a new idea grow in its place.”

Read the rest of her article – and be a dandelion!